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Get insanely useful tips and tricks to get buyers’ attention, shorten sales cycles, and drive revenue and improve your enterprise sales funnel. 

Learn directly from senior marketing leaders at Costco, Cisco, Petco, GNC, and more

Enterprise sales is hard. It’s harder when you’re selling a solution to a marketing organization that has countless vendors and an already complex tech stack. It’s harder still if you don’t know what that tech stack looks like, who the power users are, and who would make the purchasing decision. But how can enterprise sales teams know that information ahead of time? And, once they have it, how can they leverage it effectively to create an impactful pitch, build advocacy, and
shorten the sales cycle? You’re about to find out.

From discovery to procurement, these MarTech buyers from some of the biggest companies in the world give their real-world, non-hypothetical tips for winning over even the largest and most complex enterprise marketing departments and driving success through the enterprise sales funnel:

      • What are some of the best ways to get their attention?
      • Who are the real decision-makers, and how can you correctly identify them?
      • What are the best—and worst— things you can do in a pitch?
      • How can you establish, empower and advocate to sell your solution internally?
      • How should you respond to requests for trials, customizations, and discounts?
      • How can you take the headache out of procurement?
      • What are the ultimate ways to convert a new client into a loyal customer?


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