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Selling and Marketing into the Life Sciences and Healthcare Vertical

Align Your Solution to the Most Impactful Healthcare Business Issues in 2023

We surveyed executive-level tech buyers in the healthcare vertical to understand what business budgets, strategies, and issues they perceive for 2023. Tech marketers and sellers who utilize these insights – and connect them to their solutions – have an increased opportunity to outgain competitors.

Much of the budget is derived from an ongoing focus on patient/member experience as well as concerns over data security – both of which made great progress on executive agendas during the pandemic.

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A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

Healthcare companies have complex buying processes and often face budget constraints which lengthen the typical sales cycle even more. Help simplify, speed, and smooth out healthcare sales with human intelligence from Emissary Advisors who know your target accounts personally.

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover in the healthcare vertical:

  • Abbott Labs​
  • AllScripts​
  • Anthem Health​
  • BlueCross BlueShield​
  • Centene​
  • CVS Health​
  • Johnson & Johnson​
  • McKesson​
  • UnitedHealthGroup​
  • Walgreens ​

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Why Intelligence is Important to Selling and Marketing to the Healthcare Industry 

In the healthcare industry, successful deals depend on how well you can convince buyers that your technology delivers benefits to payers, providers, and patients. And as healthcare companies prefer to avoid risk, your team needs to mitigate their critical concerns.  

But to position your solutions in the framework of buyer values, you need inside account intelligence, which isn’t available from online research. Only people who’ve worked in these companies can brief you on the essential values that resonate because they have experience with technology purchases from within the account. They’ll help you understand what buyers need from you and the political, cultural, and technical hurdles you’ll need to clear.  

As former healthcare executives, Emissary Advisors share their experience, help you refocus marketing and sales messages on the pivotal solution values, and help you engage with key influencers. As a result, you spend much less time casting around for useful research and more time connecting with buyers on their level. Your team moves from vendor to trusted partner; deal sizes grow; and sales close faster – all driven by the right human intelligence. 

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“What our Emissary told us in just three calls we never could have learned on our own. We better understand our buyer’s business model and what motivates them most. That’s huge.”

– Account Manager, Data Security Company

Insights into the Healthcare Vertical Modern Tech Buyer

Leverage Emissary for healthcare vertical account and industry data, buyer-specific messaging, to drive marketing-influenced pipeline, and execute account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.