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Last year (June 2020) we asked executive-level Fortune 500 technology buyers in the Emissary human intelligence network how things were going. Were they buying technology solutions? If so, what was on the wish list? And why? They told us that they were still buying technology, though perhaps in different categories than before and with different processes. Just over a year later, we checked back in to see what has changed — and what those shifts mean for sellers and marketers that sell tech solutions.

As you might imagine, when we talked to tech buyers last summer, their organizations were deep in the throes of adapting to the pandemic. And while some had experienced budget and staffing cuts (usually moderate ones), they had almost all taken on additional projects needed to adapt their organizations to a new, remote reality.

The result was a tremendous opportunity for vendors with the right messaging and value.

One year later, things have changed. To understand exactly how, we surveyed 203 executive technology buyers, representing billions in spend, to clarify where their organizations are today and where the sales and marketing opportunities might be.

The good news is that very few (only 6 percent of buyers) say that their organizations are still trying to adapt and respond to the pandemic, compared to 49 percent one year ago. And while last year only 39 percent had reached a new normal, now over three-quarters (76 percent) categorize their business as stable.

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