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Sales Process

Use a well-informed sales process to pull ahead of competitors. Customize each step with account insight to position your solution as the obvious choice.


Zero-in on the most promising accounts quickly and use business intelligence to kick start a successful sale. Start building relationships early and understanding the key business issues your prospect is looking to solve and in turn, you will have a partner that can help you better navigate the organization and build a deal that can gain buy-in across all departments.

Listen to Emissary Advisor Amy Haney, a former procurement executive at Abbott Laboratories. 


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Prioritize Accounts and Manage Funnel

To prioritize accounts efficiently, you need to know what’s going on in that account and the industry. An Emissary Advisor draws on experience as a former executive to help you find these high-value targets quickly and accurately. With better prioritization, your team focuses their time and energy on the real opportunities, not the mirages.

Research Prospects

Research needs to get you into selling interactions, not keep you on a goose chase through the internet. Today’s research problem isn’t finding information about your prospects; it’s wading through the flood of irrelevant data to pull out crucial details. Consulting an Emissary Advisor will help you identify the most important information quickly. And Emissary Advisors share insights you won’t find on popular websites. You get the right intelligence quickly and move on to meetings.

Engage With Your Customer

Once you’re ready to impress, how do you reach the right people and start engaging? You can attend industry conferences to get connected or try to find someone with a useful contact. But if you want to get inside quickly and successfully, involve an Emissary Advisor. With their account experience, they help you connect to the right people, suggest the best times to reach out, and advise on the best contact channels to get buyers’ attention. You’ll have an easier time getting past the front door and getting in front of decision-makers.

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