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CEO Today Magazine features Emissary and CEO Allen Mueller in a recent article Research Suggests That Tweaking Sales Outreach Could Lead To More Client Meetings. CEO Today features Emissary to talk about the importance of sales outreach messaging being fine-tuned to what C-Suite executives want to hear.

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Excerpt from CEO Today:

Craft Messaging According To What Executives Currently Want To Know

Generic one-size-suits-all copy, flashy braggadocio, a too-familiar tone, or rambling paragraphs of sales-heavy language… These are just a few messaging approaches that are likely to land your sales team’s executive outreach in the metaphorical trash. Instead, tweak your messaging towards the factors today’s executives value most. 

In their GET THE MEETING Playbook based on the aforementioned survey of 191 senior executives, Emissary suggests that personalisation, relevant and detailed benefits, crisp language, a respectful tone, and added value are viewed favourably by most C-suite leaders. This, of course, means research into your prospect is key—and relying on information generated by artificial intelligence alone is unlikely to be enough. Instead, your sales team is going to have to find resources that dig deep to identify the correct executive to approach as well as the specific technology needs of the organization before making contact. 

This may mean building virtual relationships with executives at your target companies on LinkedIn or in-person relationships through trade and professional organizations—all of which take time. It could also mean collaborating with a company like Emissary to access their network of more than 12,000 advisors, all director-level or higher, in order to gain actual buyer perspective that you can then use when crafting messaging. According to the Emissary website, the time savings alone can be substantial. One Emissary client, in fact, cut more than four hours of research time per prospect account. 

From there, other messaging tweaks likely to garner a higher success rate include prioritizing benefits (supported by evidence and data) over making the sale, keeping copy conversational and genuine but respectful, and providing value in the form of case studies, white papers, and research papers your prospect can review before you move on to a sales phone call or take the next step and ask for a meeting. 

“Most tech buyers don’t think they are getting a higher level of partnership, and they want their solution providers to step up. With less buyer interaction in 2022, sellers and marketers will need to go deeper on adding value early and often,” explains Emissary CEO, Allen Mueller. 


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