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Your sales kick off agenda in 2023 should look different from previous ones and is the perfect opportunity to set a new tone incorporating all that has been learned in the past several years.

2022 SKOs were a bit of a mixed bag. Some organizations held virtual events, others had scaled back in-person experiences, and a few even returned to huge global events (to varying degrees of success). But regardless of venue, most enablement leaders agreed that 2022 was more about “let’s try to have an SKO and see what happens” and less about “let’s rethink how the SKO fits into the yearly enablement plan.”

2023 is a different story. Large in-person events are back (despite economic queasiness.) But before dusting off your unused 2020-2021 project plans, take a step back. Like everything else, the pandemic transformed enablement. We shouldn’t just go back to the way we did SKOs before. We can incorporate the lessons learned throughout these last few years to produce something better.

In this guide, we walk through:

  • 4 Key questions to gut-check your agenda.
  • Actionable tips on building the right agenda to effect change.
  • How to bring the voice of the customer into your SKO.
  • Lessons learned (or reminded us) from the last several years.

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While 2023 will bring its share of uncertainty and economic shifts, analysts are still bullish on a strong market for technology. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic heading into your SKO. So be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to set the stage for years worth of effective enablement.


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