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Our Network

Our human intelligence network consists of over 12,000 vetted executives and C-suite leaders (“Emissary Advisors”) who’ve recently left some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world.

What is an Emissary Advisor?

Emissary Advisors are inspiring leaders who love to coach, give back, and invest in relationships. Their industry, account, and buying process knowledge just can’t be found elsewhere.

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Meet Some of Our Advisors

Our advisors can help your sales and marketing teams through all the sales funnel stages.

Eric Toda

Former Global Head of Social Marketing and Editorial Content

Jim Fortner

Former CTO/CIO
Procter & Gamble

Jodi Watson

Former SVP/CMO

Mike Connly

Former Chief Information Officer

keith bowie headshot

Former CIO
Scotiabank U.S.

Sara Nunez headshot

Former PMO IT Enterprise Director

Kyle Okamoto

Former Chief Network Officer
Verizon Media

Andy Holzheimer headshot

Former VP
JPMorgan Chase

Interested in Seeing How Your Team Can Leverage Our Network of 12,000+ Advisors?

Some of the Ways Our Advisors Can Help You

Our advisors can provide your sales and marketing teams with the intelligence they need to fuel all stages of your funnel.

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What You Can Learn From an Emissary Advisor

Sellers and marketers are matched to Emissary Advisors using the Emissary Exchange platform. They choose from options that match their buyer types and accounts, and are able to work with Advisors to gain insights on their targeted accounts.

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Human Intelligence in Action

Examples of how working with Emissary Advisors helps sales and marketing teams through all sales funnel stages:

“The Emissary Advisor was able to work ‘on the same side of the table’ to build out a picture of the account and how to approach it. Great preparation, great insight.”
– Sr. Major Account Manager, Networking Solutions
“The Emissary Advisor knew the account inside and out: their strategies, their focus, pitfalls… all the details in between the words in a 10-K. He also worked closely with all of the decision-makers and budget owners for many years.”
– Senior Account Executive, Data Management Platform
“Our Emissary Advisor knew everyone in IT, [and] gave great insights into the process and suggestions to help the sales process.”
– Strategic Account Executive, Enterprise Business Software