Our Approach

Emissary provides first hand insights into your target accounts through our executive-level community of over 12,000 former Fortune 500 leaders.

Enterprise Tech Sales Challenges

B2B selling gets harder every year ー more decision-makers, longer sales cycles and harder to impress buyers.


The good news is that success is still within seller control. Getting a “yes” from buyers depends on a seller’s ability to navigate complex buying processes in a way that delivers customer value. That type of selling requires deep insights into target accounts…the kind that you can’t find in an annual report or a website.

Emissary is ……. a human intelligence network

Data feeds and annual reports don’t provide clarity on culture, white space analysis, or buyer dynamics. Those deeper-level, nuanced insights can only be gained from the executives who’ve lived inside your target accounts.

Watch the video or download the PDF to see how Emissary insights result in sales and marketing teams’ success:

Benefits of Human Intelligence

Most account intel scratches the surface, including only news and contact information. Human intelligence goes deeper, revealing the insights that actually help you find and grow business. It’s the difference between organizational charts and power structure, between job title and decision-making style.

human intelligence

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How Clients Use Emissary

Sales and marketing professionals leverage the Emissary human intelligence network to shape and turbocharge their go-to-market strategies. 

Access Target Accounts

Use Emissary insights to identify who in your target account influences decisions, what messaging will resonate with those leaders, and which approach to take to gain access. Break through marketplace clutter by laser-focusing your approach to specific people, teams, and organizations. 

Accelerate Deals

Strategize how to sell to each member of the buying team, clarify the steps and length of the buying process, identify needed business case elements, and decide when/how to engage procurement. Stand out from your competitors by tailoring your selling approach to exactly how your client buys. 

Expand Relationships

Grow your position by understanding how best to navigate your customers’ complex organizations. Uncover which white space is worth pursuing, and strategize how to parlay your existing presence into a broader value proposition.

Emissary In Action

Examples of how Emissary brings value to sales and marketing teams:

“[Our value was] learning more about why they make decisions … learning what competing technologies are already in house or have been considered.”
– Director of Sales, Digital Simulation Software
“The most critical part was understanding buying dynamics, buyer personas and preferences, insights into internal projects and priorities… and evaluation processes.”
– Large Enterprise Account Executive, ERP
“[Emissary] identified business and political drivers of strategy, decision-making, and funding around the move to cloud…which has not been evident at the lower levels of the organization, with which we’re engaged.”
– Major Account Manager, Data Management Platform