On Thursday, February 20th, 2020, Morgan Stanley announced its plans to acquire E-Trade in an effort to expand its wealth management offerings and advance its wealth strategy of becoming best-in-class.

The $13 billion transaction will position Morgan Stanley as a key player in the Financial Advisor, Workplace, and Self Directed spaces and will ultimately bring in more durable sources of revenue. The acquisition indicates a key shift in the sector where larger banks will begin to invest heavily in fintech and branch out from their traditional, wealthier clients.

In a year where prominent shifts will begin to makes its way to the surface, it’s crucial to have tacit, inside knowledge as to how individual corporations, and the sector as a whole, will adapt and respond to changes in the marketplace.

Below are Emissary advisors, and industry experts, who are able to provide a buyer’s perspective on how this acquisition will influence and dictate technology investments at Morgan Stanley and E-Trade specifically, as well provide context on what FinServ technology leaders will be looking for in solution investments in a year of great change.

Emissary’s Morgan Stanley Advisors

  • Former Vice President of Wealth Management Core Technology Services
  • Former Global Head of Tech M&A Origination
  • Former Vice President of Analytics & Data
  • Former Vice President of Firmwide Digital Marketing
  • Former Executive Director of Corporate Finance Technology
  • Former Vice President of Equity Finance Product Owner
  • Former Vice President of Application Support
  • Former Vice President of Legal & Compliance
  • Former Executive Director of Project Delivery Manager
  • Former Vice President of Advanced Analytics
  • Former Director, Media and Data Solutions
  • Former Vice President, Technology Business Management

Emissary’s E-Trade Advisors

  • Former Vice President of Enterprise Compliance
  • Former Vice President of Financial Technology
  • Former Head of Customer Acquisition
  • Former Vice President of Enterprise Technology
  • Former Director of Decision Management
  • Former Director of Software Engineering
  • Former Director Market and Reference Data
  • Former Director of Software Engineering
  • Former Vice President of Credit & Risk Operations