abm messagingThis is the first in a four part series where we look at common account-based marketing (ABM) myths. In this episode of the podcast we learn what executive B2B tech buyers want to hear from marketers and sellers when it comes to ABM messaging. Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Special Guest Bernhard Brouwer, former N. American CIO J&J.


ABM Myth 1: Lean on Product Messages in Your ABM Messaging

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Overwhelmed by content, outreach and options, buyers often view tech vendors as all the same. In fact, Emissary surveyed hundreds of executive-level tech buyers to break down how they made recent buying-decisions. They shared that it was rare (only 22% of cases) that their chosen solution was seen as superior to competitors and the ideal fit.

In categories crowded with similar solutions, marketing messaging needs to include enough detail to help buyers understand specifically what the vendor does and how it brings relevant value. Yet, buyers in our study feel like these product-oriented messages too often miss the mark. In this podcast, Seleste explores key study findings with Bernhard Brouwer, former N. American CIO with J&J.  Learn what executive tech buyers want to hear from marketers and sellers.  It’s not product.  But, it’s not devoid of product either.


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Key insights on how to sell to B2B tech buyers and what ABM messaging they really want to hear from marketers and sellers:

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