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This marketing technology company had past contracts with a huge telecom company, but when the company underwent an intensive reorg, they lost their champion. Starting from scratch, they needed to understand what was going on inside. With the help of Emissary, they not only saved the account, but also learned valuable information on how to upsell and expand their business. Download the full story above.

The Approach:
The advisor, a former marketing leader at the telecom company, provided a political org chart of all the new decision-makers, influencers, and champions since the restructure. She included tacit information, like dynamics between the relevant individuals that could influence buying.

The Result:
As a result of advisor’s suggestions, this company:
➔ Gained insight on who to target, saving the sellers hundreds of hours of time of research.
➔ Refined their account plan and gained new introductions that allowed them to expand their business.


Need Help Unlocking Insights and Improve Your Strategy on How to Upsell?

Selling to enterprise and having the right strategy on how to upsell can be a struggle. Emissary’s advisor network can help you gain valuable insights into your target accounts and develop the right strategy. Contact us today to get started or call us at (646) 776-0510 to discuss your business needs.

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