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Emissary for Marketing Teams

Marketing Insights into Modern Tech Buyers

How Emissary Helps Marketing Teams 

The Emissary network provides account and industry data you can’t get anywhere else. Our clients leverage Emissary Advisors to create buyer-specific messaging, drive marketing-influenced pipeline, and execute ABM strategy.

Tap into an insider’s perspective to help you deliver the right messages, to the right person, at the right account, at the right time. 

account planning

Hyper-personalize your ABM strategy using human intelligence to anticipate the full buying committees of target accounts. Craft messaging that links to both organizational and individual needs. Choose the right delivery channels for maximum impact.

go to market strategy

 Identify the account/vertical propensity to buy your specific solution set. Break through marketplace clutter by using marketing insights to refine your persona definitions. Build content that resonates with verticals, organizations, and buyers.

field marketing

Partner with your sales teams to create joint pursuit strategies. Utilize Emissary intelligence to create account-specific content that resonates. Customize field activities and events to engage key prospect organizations and individual buyers.

Emissary by the Numbers 

Marketers use Emissary for marketing insights and to build pipeline and drive opportunities into the funnel:

Marketer Benefits

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Program ROI

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Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

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Insights to Drive Marketing Teams’ Success

Emissary marketing insights come in many forms. From reports on industry trends to 1:1 whiteboarding sessions, we get you the information you need in the best format for you and your team.

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Develop messaging with actual target personas, and build ABM campaigns and SDR strategies for a specific account and contacts.

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Increase productivity by narrowing down account lists to focus sellers’ time, ABM programs, and advisor interactions on the accounts with the greatest potential.

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Design ABM campaign elements, identify key contacts, craft customized messaging, and create positioning that gains greater traction in an account.

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Improve vertical campaign performance, lead generation output, and pipeline generation through more targeted content and value messaging.

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Bring credibility and subject matter expertise into client-facing events, infuse customer thinking into internal planning, and test out messages against real buyers. 

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Learn more about personas and industry trends to influence demand gen and account-based initiatives.

Emissary in Action

Examples of how Emissary’s marketing insights have fueled growth and accelerated marketing teams:

“The Emissary [Advisor] really helped us identify where to sell within the account, who we should target specifically in each LOB, and provided insights into messaging that would land with current internal initiatives.”
– Solutions Advisor, Sales Performance Management
“I was able to share my message and have someone familiar with the culture and initiatives provide guidance.”
– Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, DevOps Platform
“[We’re] gaining rich insights into the current technology landscape, gaps and pain points in existing strategy, [and] understanding of the politics and influencers. Crafting messaging with the Emissary [Advisor’s] input to help open doors for a conversation.”
– Regional Sales Manager, Analytics Platform

Learn More about How Emissary Accelerates Marketing Teams:

Emissary Marketing Insights into Modern Tech Buyers 

Leverage the Emissary Marketing network for account and industry data, buyer-specific messaging, to drive marketing-influenced pipeline, and execute account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.