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This large IT infrastructure company leverages Emissary advisors to convert marketing-qualified accounts into sales opportunities and improve sales and marketing alignment to close deals.

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Emissary helps companies improve sales and marketing alignment around their target accounts. Field marketing teams at this storage company pre-qualify accounts to be matched with an advisor. Then sellers work with the advisors to identify areas of opportunity within the account.

To track success, this company measures the conversion of marketing-qualified accounts into sales opportunities.

Sample Engagement
Emissary connected a seller from this company to a former CIO of a large home appliance supplier. The advisor identified key use cases and an opportunity within the product development team, resulting in in a meeting with a decision-maker.

Insights Gathered
➔ Stakeholders are frustrated with current vendor implementation with design analysis team.
➔ Focus on product and supply chain teams. They control the power. Stay away from retail teams.
➔ Need to build a use case around ease of implementation to address previous infrastructure challenges and concerns.


Need Help with Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Selling to enterprise and having optimal sales and marketing alignment can be a struggle. Emissary’s advisor network can help you gain valuable insights into your target accounts and develop the right strategy. Contact us today to get started or call us at (646) 776-0510 to discuss your business needs.

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