After completing your call with an advisor, it’s time to submit feedback on how the interaction went. Your feedback is an important part of the Emissary program and helps us suggest better advisors for your accounts, as well as aids you in measuring the success of Emissary at your company.

Feedback forms can be accessed via a follow up email you will receive after your call or by logging into Emissary Exchange.

Access via E-mail

After your call takes place, you will receive an email asking for feedback on that call. The link in the email will take you directly to the feedback page.

feedback 1 graphic

If you’re accessing the feedback form through Emissary Exchange, you can click on the last icon in the left hand menu entitled ‘Feedback’. A red dot will appear next to the Feedback icon in the menu if there are any completed calls requiring feedback.

feedback 2 graphic

The Feedback page includes tabs for Required Feedback as well as Completed Feedback. Required Feedback displays all completed calls for which feedback has not yet been submitted. Completed Feedback allows you to review the Feedback you’ve previously left for completed calls.

feedback 3

In the Required Feedback tab, click the ‘Give Feedback’ button on the right hand side to open a pop-up with the feedback survey. The survey consists of 4 brief pages of mostly multiple choice questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please fill it out and provide any relevant information about your call. Click Submit after filling out the last page. Only the Emissary team will see your feedback; we do not share it with advisors.

feedback 4

Once you have successfully submitted feedback, you will see the notification below.

feedback 5 graphic

If you have any questions or concerns about the feedback process, please reach out to us at