Emissary Exchange makes it easy to schedule calls during your engagement. Follow these steps to propose and accept times that work for you.


Propose A Time for a Meeting

Here’s how to propose times you’re available to meet.


1. Login to Emissary Exchange.

2. Click on the engagement for which you’d like to schedule a call.

3. Click Schedule a Call.

4. You can select up to 30 available time slots in the calendar view. Scroll down to confirm the call duration for each available time slot.

5. Click Confirm Times.

6. Your availability will be sent directly to your advisor for confirmation.



Accept a Time and Add to Calendar

When a call is confirmed, you’ll be sent an email confirmation containing the dial-in for your call. Here’s how to confirm the call.


1. Click Add to Calendar to confirm the meeting and add it to your Outlook, Apple, or Google Calendars.

2. Click Reschedule Call to propose a different time for the call