Emissary Exchange makes it easy to schedule calls during your engagement. Follow these steps to schedule a call.

Navigating to the Call Scheduler

  1. Log into Emissary Exchange and the first page you will see is the client dashboard. Click on the engagement for which you’d like to schedule a call.

2. Once on the engagement page, click SEE DETAILS under the Call Scheduler heading.

Propose a Time for a Call

1.  Once on the calls page of the engagement, propose times for a call, by clicking PROPOSE TIMES.

2.  From here, select all times you are available and click CONFIRM TIMES to propose times for the call. These times will then be sent over to the other party for review. You will receive an email notification once the other party confirms the suggested call time.


Accept a Time for a Call

  1. To approve or reject times that have already been suggested by the other party, navigate to the call scheduler page per the instructions above. Once there, select the time that works for you, and click CONFIRM.

4. If none of the times provided work for you, click NONE OF THESE TIMES WORK FOR ME and follow the steps under “Propose a Time” above.

Add a Confirmed Call to Your Calendar

1 Once the call is confirmed, click ADD TO CALENDAR to add a meeting invitation to your preferred calendar. This invite will also include the dial-in details for the call.