Emissary Exchange makes it easy to provide feedback on calls during your engagement and after your engagement is completed. Follow these steps to provide a review of your call and engagement.

Submitting the Post-Call Survey

1. Log into Emissary Exchange and the first page you will see is the Homepage. Click view on either the notification stating feedback required or Click on the engagements under the My Engagements section with “Feedback Required” tile to access the post-call survey.

my engagements home page screenshot


2. Once on the engagement page, click “Start Feedback Form” in the action items tab.

engagement page screenshot


3. Once the call survey launches, respond to the questions then click “Submit”

survey page screenshot


4. After Submitting Feedback, you will get a thank you page, from where you can navigate back to the home page.

thank you page screenshot


5. You can also verify the feedback being submitted as well as the date for the same in the activity log tab.

activity log tab screenshot