Emissary uses Zoom for engagement calls to better support global conferencing, file sharing, and video capabilities. We appreciate feedback on your Zoom engagement experience so we can keep improving on the Emissary program. This article covers adding a call to your calendar, joining your Emissary Zoom call, as well as information about privacy. We recommend opening the Zoom application 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled call time to check for any updates. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at support@emissary.io. You can also reference the Zoom support page for additional technical assistance.


Adding a Call to Your Calendar

After accepting a call time in Emissary Exchange, the details of your upcoming call will appear in the center of the engagement page. Below this, you’ll see a button to add the call to your calendar. Clicking “Add to Calendar” allows you to sync your call information with your iCalendar, Outlook or Google Calendar. Each calendar event includes a direct Zoom link along with other details for your upcoming call. You can add upcoming calls to your calendar at any time by navigating to the engagement page. For clients, you can do this by navigating to the My Activity page to find your open engagements. Advisors can view their current engagements from their home page.

Client View:

Advisor View:


Joining the Emissary Zoom Call

Option 1: Through Your Calendar Event If you have added your call to your iCalendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar, the Zoom link to access the call will be available in the saved calendar event.


Option 2: Through Emissary Exchange You can also join the Zoom meeting through the “Join Meeting” button on the engagement page in Emissary Exchange. Navigate to the page as outlined in the above section. Next to the “Add to Calendar” button is a button titled “Join Zoom Meeting”. Click on this to be taken to your call.


Option 3:  Through Email You will be sent an email reminder of your call the day it is scheduled to take place.  The email will include a link to your designated Zoom meeting room, which you can click to join the call.


Video and File Sharing, and Inviting Others

During engagement calls, we want to respect the privacy of our community. We ask that courtesy is used and you seek permission before video conferencing, sharing files, or inviting other users outside of the engagement into the meeting.

Opting Out

If your company is not able to use Zoom for any reason, please let us know as we offer an alternative conference solution, TurboBridge.