it procurement category strategy

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Most would agree that technology sales have gotten more challenging in recent years, with more competitors, longer sales cycles, more decision-makers, and more steps in the process. In this edition of Emissary’s Buyer Snapshot, we examine this trend from a buyer’s point of view, dissecting the technology buying process versus the vendor’s sales process and how you can incorporate this IT procurement category strategy into your processes.

We asked 146 technology executives to help us examine their most recent major technology purchase (>$250,000 USD), providing transparency into who in the organization initiates a technology purchase, how they go about it (from a resource and budgeting perspective), how long the buying process takes (and what factors make it longer or shorter), whether procurement is inevitable, and ultimately who makes the final decision.

This research adds transparency to what is often a black box of buyer behavior. Selling with a keener eye on the buying process can help sales professionals stay in sync with their target accounts and create a strong foundation for current and future business. 

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