sales execution process

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Expanding business with an existing client account is cheaper than landing new business, and it can increase an account’s overall lifespan. That’s no surprise—but how do you create a scalable, repeatable sales execution process and strategy for making it happen?

We sat down with IT buyers from Exelon, Starbucks, Vanguard, and BB&T to find out how, when, and where to expand your footprint within your top accounts.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • When to begin the expansion process
  • How to make the initial ask without rubbing your POC the wrong way
  • How to demonstrate value to new prospects within the organization
  • When to bring in your tech experts during the sales cycle
  • How to maintain the broader relationship over the long term.

Expanding an existing account depends on relationships, as our Emissaries have made clear. But leveraging sales execution process comes with a host of risks, and even one false move can prove to be extremely costly.

Fortunately, our Emissaries from Exelon, Starbucks, Vanguard, and BB&T understand what a scalable, repeatable “land and expand” strategy looks like from the inside. Armed with these firsthand insights, you should be much better equipped to start generating revenue from expansion opportunities and lengthening your average client lifespan—all without risking the valuable relationships you’ve already built.


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