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David appeared on Cheddar TV to talk Emissary’s entrance into the IT market, where we onboarded 3,000+ former enterprise IT execs to advise sales teams throughout the full sales process..

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With so much dependence on data, sales professionals may be losing their personal touch. David Hammer, Founder and Former CEO of sales intelligence network Emissary, joined Cheddar to discuss how his company is connecting these professionals with former decision-makers and advisors. The hope is that they’ll exchange the inside knowledge they really need to ease the sales process. To improve sales performance, Hammer says professionals need to have a deep understanding of the organizations they are selling to. As sales get more complex and organizations get smarter, the knowledge you need is not the data, according to Hammer. He says you need to have a true understanding of the problems the business is facing. Sales is as much art as it is science. Ultimately, the former Google technologist says, it’s about plugging the human element into the sales process. Emissary Advisors advise sales teams on how to best approach their prospects, move prospects down the funnel and close deals faster.


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