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Field Marketing

Keep sales and marketing in sync with field marketing programs driven by pivotal account intelligence.

Field Marketing Strategy

Design a field marketing strategy custom-fit for your target segments and accounts. Stir up prospect interest with a program based on a sophisticated understanding of their market, ecosystem, and business. How you approach your prospects and establish your value proposition can give you a competitive edge.

Listen to a snippet from a panel discussion among Emissary Advisor’s Cheryl Porro, former SVP of Technology at Salesforce; Jim DuBois, former CIO of Microsoft; and Geno White, former Senior Director of Technology at Expedia.


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Customize Corporate Marketing Campaigns for Focused Impact

Whether you’re targeting a new market niche or a new business unit, you’ll need reliable intelligence to arm corporate campaigns with the right messages. Emissary Advisors have experience in your target industry and accounts. They can enhance the knowledge base of the field marketing team, steering your campaigns toward the most powerful messaging and strategies. And with their experience as buyers in the prospect account, Advisors will help you turn hard-won audience data into actionable insights, so you can strategize for long-term success.

Develop Case Studies That Move Deals Forward

Case studies make an impact when they describe client successes relevant to your target industry and accounts. Do your prospects care about other companies in the same industry? Do they want to know what the 800-lb gorillas are doing, or are they interested in disruptive start-ups? As former executives in your key accounts, Emissary Advisors know the answers to these questions. They’ll help you select examples that whet prospects’ appetite to learn more.  Advisors will help you highlight the challenges, features, and results that buying committees are hoping to replicate. So when you present a case study, you’re building credibility and moving toward deeper engagement.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With the Right Channel Partners

The effort required to run a successful channel partner marketing program pays off when both partners bring value to each other and to prospects. It’s essential you select a marketing partner that performs well with your target accounts, has credibility in the industry, and can effectively introduce your solution to the right people. Emissary Advisors have conducted many IT purchases in your target accounts. They help you understand your prospect’s perspective, and with that insight, you can develop a joint marketing program that drives sales.   As you build your partnership program, Advisors will also serve as test audiences to help you refine presentations, content, and ad copy from an insider’s point of view, so you’ll reach the right buyers with the right messages.

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