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Tech companies were some of the first to adopt formalized sales operations and a sales enablement framework. Both functions (whether combined or distinct) have pushed tech sales’ maturity forward from the old-school “speeds and feeds” to a value-oriented strategic sale. But there is no time to rest on your laurels. Technology companies are experiencing unprecedented competition, putting pressure on revenue leaders. For sales enablement leaders specifically, this answer may well mean expanding your sphere of influence. 

In the past, a sales enablement framework was narrowly focused … a content factory spun off from marketing, or an onboarding team which was nested in sales versus human resources. Sales enablement leaders in the tech space should now revisit their scope to expand their impact. Best-in-class sales enablement focuses on a broad range of performance drivers. 

Download the Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we look at the following areas that could provide expansion opportunities:

    • Hiring
    • Competency Development
    • Methodology and Process
    • Content
    • Sales Coaching
    • Sales Tech Stack
    • Sales Communications

If you are looking at this list of expansion possibilities and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! From hiring to content to sales communications, this is indeed a huge list of responsibilities. Yet no enablement team is doing all of this at once. Utilize our quick sales enablement assessment tool to identify one or two areas where you can make a major near-term difference by expanding the scope of what you do and download the whitepaper for ideas on how to implement it.

Download the Whitepaper

Need Help Optimizing Your Team’s Sales Enablement Strategy?

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