The following sales enablement assessment summarizes potential areas where sales enablement may be able to influence better outcomes in hiring, development, process/methodology, content, tools, and more.

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At this point, most tech organizations have a freestanding sales enablement function. (And if you don’t, then you’re past due to start one!)

Yet the definition of, and mandate for, sales enablement varies by organization. And it’s not just sales enablement. Other adjacent functions (including sales operations, content marketing, ABM, and revenue operations) have blurred swimlanes too.

The timing is right for sales enablement leaders to revisit their scope. Which sales drivers should they work to impact, either through direct ownership or via partnership with other morphing teams?

This easy sales enablement assessment can be done in about 30 minutes.

Tally up your results to determine where you may wish to expand your scope and create organizational impact or validate that your sales enablement program is functioning well. Identify areas and opportunities for a targeted project or replication that can lead towards an action plan:

Once you have completed the assessment, you have probably identified areas for improvement or areas where you can expand the scope of your sales enablement program to accelerate your tech sales.

But how does your team take advantage of the learnings you just gained? Download this whitepaper to get key insights on how to optimize and expand in these key sales enablement areas: hiring, competency development, methodology and process, content, sales coaching, communications and your tech stack.

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