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In enterprise sales, compensation is everything. But how much should you pay your sellers? And if you’re looking for your next role, how much should you ask for?

We know—and you can, too.

We surveyed enterprise revenue team members around the U.S. to uncover insights like:

  • Average compensation by position
  • Sellers’ satisfaction with their salaries and commissions
  • How education affects sales salaries
  • Gender’s startling impact on overall compensation

While there are plenty of available sources that report general sales salaries, they’re almost all a mixture of B2B and B2C salaries. None are focused exclusively on enterprise sellers. The few that report on exclusively B2B titles pull data from companies of all sizes and across various industries, meaning the salaries are unrealistic averages of those who sell SaaS to Fortune 500s, those who sell custodial services to small businesses, and everything in between. That’s why we surveyed enterprise salespeople across a variety of industries and at every career level—from SDRs to CROs—to create a useful guide specifically for enterprise sales compensation.

For sales leaders and recruiters, this guide offers actionable insights you can use to adjust your compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. And for the salespeople, we provide clear benchmarks to help you understand what your peers are making—so you can make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth in your next salary negotiation.

It’s your best tool for recruiting and retention or for approaching your next salary negotiation armed with data-driven insights. Download the 2019 Enterprise Sales Compensation Report today.  

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