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2022 promises to be a lucrative year for those organizations that can tie their solutions to the most impactful business issues, and can demonstrate—during the sales process—that they are uniquely qualified to help tech leaders overcome the challenges they see on the horizon.

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With organizations forced (sometimes reluctantly) into significant technological adoption during the pandemic, an anticipated return to more stable business is driving them to choose whether to continue their blistering pace of technology investments or return to a “fix only what is broken” mentality.

To provide a buyer point of view, we surveyed 806 executive-level tech buyers to understand what they see on deck for 2022 business strategies, enterprise IT spending, budgets, and challenges.

In this whitepaper, we look at the following areas:

  • 4 business goals driving technology spending.
  • The top long-standing and recently emerging challenges tech buyers are looking to solve.
  • Strategies sales and marketing teams can employ to outgain competitors.


Need Help Optimizing Your Team’s Sales Process?

Supercharge your teams’ sales process to capitalize on the trends driving enterprise IT spending. The sales tools, ongoing learning, and coaching with Emissary’s Advisors help sellers work smarter and spend more time on the actions that close deals. Combining a high need for technical expertise with a high need for skill makes tech sales difficult to master. Emissary can shorten your learning curve, utilizing industry and account insights from our human intelligence network. Contact us today to get started, or call us at (646) 776-0510 to discuss your business needs.

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