You’ve just wrapped up a successful Emissary engagement – congratulations! Now it’s time to get paid for your work.

Our default mode of payment is direct deposit through our payments partner Veem. Veem provides secure, online, real-time payment directly to your preferred bank account, and is responsible for collecting all banking information for your payment. The only information Emissary needs to process your payment through Veem is:

  • Payee name (your name, your LLC or consultancy, etc.)
  • Country of your bank (for currency purposes)

You can enter this information in the “Payment Information” section of your Emissary Exchange account:

payment information screenshot


Within 2-3 business days of our team submitting your payment to Veem, you’ll receive an email from Veem with the subject line “Congratulations! Emissary Inc has sent you a payment.” That email will look like this:

invoice screenshot


Click on the “Accept my Payment” link in that email to receive your payment. You can also go to and enter the unique claim code included at the bottom of the email to accept your payment.

If you’ve never used Veem before, you’ll be guided through Veem’s secure, one-time account set-up process. Veem has a full guide to the process for account set-up and accepting payments available on their website. If you have any questions about getting set up, accepting, or receiving payments through Veem, you can reach out directly to their 24/7 customer support at

Once your Veem account is successfully set up, you’ll be ready to receive quick, secure payments for all of your future Emissary engagements. You’ll receive the same payment notification email from Veem for every payment we send you, and can deposit the funds directly to your preferred bank account through Veem.


Alternate Payments:

If you’d prefer not to receive payments through Veem, we also offer the alternative of payment through mailed check. If you’d prefer to be paid via check for your engagements, please reach out to our support team at and let them know you’d like to be paid by check. You’ll also need to provide the following information for check payments:

  • Payee name (yourself, your LLC or consultancy – who we should make the check out to)
  • Mailing address to send the check to
  • Best phone number to reach you

Please be aware that it can take 2-3 weeks for a check to arrive by mail after the payment has been processed.

If you have any further questions about getting paid for your Emissary engagements, you can always contact