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The company has added 3,000+ former executives from venerable enterprises including Cisco, Geico, P&G and Verizon to its advisor network to assist clients & scale a sales organization for success and effectiveness.

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Emissary helps salespeople sell to an account more effectively by matching them directly with a former executive from that account. It’s predicated on the fact that these executives – called Emissaries by the company – hold deeper, critical intelligence on how their former organizations work that isn’t otherwise available. That can include an array of insight, from how to navigate complex internal rules of procurement to who the organization’s hidden decision makers are.

Standard sales intelligence is helpful, but only goes so far. Now, with direct access to IT-focused Emissaries from some of the biggest companies in the world spanning CPG, retail and other major verticals, technology salespeople can leverage an Emissary’s knowledge to push deals through more effectively and efficiently.

“It’s a great process,” stated Emissary Nick James, former CIO at GE. “Applying the Emissary’s knowledge and experience creates real improvements. Salespeople get to target their material at the underlying drivers and issues, the prospects get to see material that is relevant and sometimes, the Emissary can ask a question or make a suggestion that creates a real breakthrough in the engagement with the prospect company. It’s that rare thing, a truly win-win proposition.”


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