[New York, NY]  Emissary, the human intelligence network for sales, today announced the expansion of the Emissary Exchange platform, providing a new user experience and laying the groundwork for additional tech integrations, on-platform seller/advisor interactivity and dynamic “just in time” insight delivery.

“Launching a first-of-its-kind platform to connect sellers and marketers with buying coaches is an incredible milestone for Emissary.” shares Emissary CEO, Allen Mueller. “We’ve seen explosive growth in our business, as revenue teams continue to search for new and innovative ways to gain an edge in complex, competitive markets. Our platform provides a frictionless way to connect to our community, giving sellers even more opportunities to mine the power of human intelligence across their entire sales process.”  

The new user experience includes three primary upgrades that enable users to search, connect and learn more intuitively through unlimited usage subscriptions. Combined, these features allow users to increase their consumption and decrease time-to-insight: 

Search – Sellers can search and view advisors, by account. The seller to advisor / insights matching experience has evolved to be more personalized and proactive.

Connect – Sellers receive “Recommended Advisors” in-platform and kickstart their own engagements. We added a recommendation engine and message relay bringing clients closer to advisors. In addition, leaders will have performance reporting –  now standard in the platform – to identify the impact these connections have on sales motions.

Learn – With the launch of the Emissary Insights Library, sellers now have access to account insights any time, anywhere. The Insights Library provides modularized, sales-oriented insights, curated from our advisors. These dynamic assets provide sellers a head start on above funnel activity, saving hours of research time. 

The enhanced platform is live and Emissary will be transitioning customers throughout the summer. To stay informed, please visit our website emissary.io. 

About Emissary:

Emissary is a human intelligence network that connects enterprise sales and marketing professionals directly to a community of over 10,000 talented senior and C-level executives with recent experience at their most important accounts. Leveraging the Emissary network will enable you to shorten your sales cycles, close more deals, and build positive long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects—because you’ve gathered the tacit knowledge on their challenges and needs. For more information visit www.emissary.io or email marketing@emissary.io

Media Contact:

Caroline C. Zerbey