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In today’s Buyer’s Seat we are going to talk about IT transformation in the telecom industry and the drive toward efficiency; as well as overall tips and strategies on how to navigate procurement. Selling to procurement can often be opaque.

Featuring Emissary Advisor Mariano, former Chief Procurement Officer at a global telecom company. During his tenure, Mariano oversaw a team of over 500 managing $1 billion in inventory, $12+ billion in sourceable spend, $2.5 billion in annual expenses, and a portfolio of thousands of assets. For any deals you’re trying to push through the procurement finish line, tune in to Mario’s pro tips on navigating the complexities you’ll face at most enterprises today.

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In this episode with Mariano, former Chief Procurement Officer at a global telecom, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s time to stop expecting the worst from the procurement process, and how to build a valuable partner and potential champion among the procurement team instead.
  • The advantages of including the procurement team earlier in the sales process.
  • The increasing importance of alignment between Business & IT units across the industry.
  • Mariano’s five major factors to navigate the procurement process successfully.

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