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Sales and Marketing Intelligence for the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Vertical  

Bind Your Solution to the Most Impactful CPG Business Matters in 2023

We surveyed C-Suite tech buyers in the consumer-packaged goods space to understand business strategies, budgets, and challenges they are facing in 2023. Sellers and marketers in the CPG vertical that utilize these insights to analyze and improve their sales processes have greater potential to get more than their fair share of deals.

The biggest drivers of spend include enhancing CX across channels (direct, store, marketplaces) as CPG companies require more insight into, and control over, the full end-user experience. 

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A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

CPG companies are chasing aggressive goals and want technology to help them increase supply chain flexibility and open new revenue channels. With the right intelligence about your account’s decision-makers and purchase process, your team grabs the competitive edge for winning CPG deals.

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover:

  • Hershey Company​​​ 
  • Honeywell​​​ 
  • Kellogg Company​​​ 
  • Keurig Dr Pepper​​ 
  • Nestle​​​
  • PepsiCo​​​ 
  • Procter & Gamble​​​ 
  • The Clorox Company​​​ 
  • The Coca-Cola Company

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Why Intelligence is Important to Selling and Marketing to the CPG Vertical

CPG companies expect strong revenue growth this year, and they’re driving hard toward record-breaking goals. But in order to get there, they need to develop more resilient supply chains, empower a leaner workforce, and manage increasing costs. Successful B2B sales teams will capture attention with intelligence-driven strategies that align sales actions with corporate culture, values, and goals.   

In order to close deals in the CPG space, your team needs to know what each buying committee is looking for, how the business and IT groups work together, and who drives technology initiatives. Accurate, detailed intelligence will tell you how to position your solutions as a key enabler of the account’s priority goals, such as improving transparency or expanding direct-to-consumer sales channels.    

But detailed account intelligence takes weeks of research and much of the critical information isn’t available from public resources. That’s why Emissary Advisors give you the edge. Advisors have recently left technology buying roles in the CPG accounts you’re targeting. They know the company culture, key influencers, and essential messaging that will open doors. From initial marketing to procurement, Emissary Advisors offer your team the intelligence that turbocharges your CPG deals. 

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“Emissary really helped us identify where to sell within the account, who we should target specifically in each LOB and provided insights into messaging that would land with current internal initiatives.”

– Solutions Advisor, sales performance management

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