CIOs Transformed Overnight—Sales Teams That Sell Technology Must Catch Up to sell technology

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Learn how CIOs have been impacted and what they now expect from their sales partners that are trying to sell technology.

Disruptive changes—whether a pandemic, a recession, a regulatory mandate, or a breakthrough in technology—are notorious for accelerating in-flight trends. In an extremely short period of time, incremental shifts have become abrupt conversions. 

Their requirements have both short- and longer-term implications. In this paper, you’ll consider:

(1) How do I meet and exceed this standard during the current crisis?

(2) What does this mean for how I engage in the long term, and for what my contacts need from me going forward?

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For technology sales, this brings both challenge and opportunity. Sellers also need to operate in two dimensions: today’s unprecedented environment and the new blended world of tech and business. Without intentional change, sales organizations may find that the experiences and relationships they deliver are no longer sufficient to meet buyers’ new expectations.


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