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One of the hardest things to diagnose in sales is what leads to a win and what leads to a loss. For technology sellers specifically, the way technology solutions are bought has changed dramatically. To help sales leaders understand shifts in buyer behavior and prepare their teams, Emissary conducted a series of surveys with 708 senior executives. We dissected their most recent major technology purchases to clarify what actually happens behind the scenes – beyond salesperson visibility.

In this webinar, Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Emissary, will share the buyers’ point of view on:

  • Where in the business do major tech purchases originate today?
  • Who participates in buying committees? And why?
  • Where do tech buyers invest their time? Where do they shortcut?
  • Why do buyers choose one technology solution over a similar competitor?
  • The type of sales intelligence needed to successfully navigate new realities.