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Leverage Trending Automotive Challenges in Your Sales Process for Greater Impact

We questioned executive-level tech buyers in the Automotive vertical to understand business strategies, budgets, and the challenges they perceive for 2023. Technology sellers and marketers who use these insights during the sales process have more possibilities to overcome objections and demonstrate value to their prospects.

Issues driving tech focus include a need for enhanced customer experiences – from consumer purchase through to usage (ownership, leasing, and mobility-as-a- service).

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A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

Automotive sales remain strong in 2023, but the market is looking ahead toward more reliable manufacturing infrastructure and high-tech vehicle offerings. Sales teams with the right intelligence about the companies they’re targeting and the people that run them will beat competitors to the finish line.

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover:

  • BMW​
  • Cummins​
  • Daimler Trucks
  • Fiat Chrysler Auto​
  • Ford​
  • General Motors​
  • GM​
  • Rolls Royce​
  • Toyota​
  • Volvo​

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Why Intelligence is Important to Selling and Marketing to the Automotive Vertical

The automotive OEM market should see healthy growth in 2023, but the last couple of years have taught them to stay flexible. Companies are looking for ways to improve global supply chains, especially for semiconductors, and increase electric vehicle manufacture. As more buyers shift to digital shopping, firms are considering direct-to-consumer sales strategies. And with the increase in technology required for modern vehicle manufacture, many companies are looking for vendor partners to augment their internal capabilities.

If your team is aiming at the automotive industry, the right intelligence about each account will make the difference between a successful close and a stalled deal. Start by understanding the business objectives driving tech spend, such capturing more autonomous vehicle sales or monetizing driver data. Then map the corporate power structure and purchasing procedures so you’ll know how to build your case effectively.

Getting the right intelligence fast is nearly impossible without an inside champion, like an Emissary Advisor. Emissary Advisors are former executives in your automotive industry accounts. They know the people you need to impress and what impresses them. With an Advisor’s insight, you’ll run a savvy sales strategy that stays on point from initial meetings to procurement.

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“Gaining rich insights into the current technology landscape, gaps and pain points in existing strategy, understanding of the politics and influencers. Crafting messaging with the Emissary’s input to help open doors for a conversation.”

– Regional Sales Manager, analytics platform

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