As Fortune 1000 companies begin to plan and look towards recovery, they are still adapting and shifting their business due to other changes in the works. As you keep up with the industry-wide trends that have been set in motion due to the spread of the pandemic, don’t forget to stay on top of the company-specific sales triggers as well.

We hope this roundup of news in the technology world helps to strategically inform your account plans — and the mentioned Emissary advisors are ready to help you piece together your approach and provide the inside scoop. 


[The Verge] AT&T names John Stankey new CEO

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has announced that he’ll be stepping down from his position, with current AT&T president and COO John Stankey set to replace him as the new CEO on July 1st.

Emissary Advisors from AT&T:

  • Former Chief Data Officer
  • Former Assistant Vice President of Engineering
  • Former Assistant Vice President of IT
  • Former Executive Director of Global Technology Sourcing
  • Former Director of Digital Transformation


[PYMNTS] Expedia agrees to $1.2B Deal, names new CEO

Expedia’s Chief Financial Officer, Eric Hart, will now serve as CEO after the company agreed to sell about $1.2 billion in equity stake to Silver Lake and Apollo Group Management in a buyout. 

  • Former Senior Director of Data & Analytics
  • Former Chief Technology Officer
  • Former Senior Director of Technology
  • Former Director of Software Development


[CNBC] Walmart executive picked as eBay’s new CEO

Walmart’s Chief Operating Officer for U.S. e-commerce, Jamie Iannone, will become eBay’s new CEO. He will step into the role on April 27th.

  • Former Head of Quality Engineering
  • Former Director of Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance
  • Former Director of Global Service Applications and Data
  • Former Director of Transformation


[NBC] Bank websites, hit by wave of stimulus interest, experience some outages and slowdowns

Bank, Chase, SunTrust, BB&T, Capital One, and Citi all confirmed that their websites experienced interruptions as people looked to see if their government stimulus payments had been deposited.

  • Former Senior Vice President Operations and Technology, U.S. Bank
  • Former Vice President of Customer Care Operations, U.S. Bank
  • Former Vice President of Cybersecurity and Technology Controls, JPMorgan Chase
  • Former Vice President of Global Technology, JPMorgan Chase
  • Former Chief Data & Analytics Officer, SunTrust
  • Former Head of Infrastructure Operations, SunTrust
  • Former Vice President of Data Engineering, BB&T
  • Former Vice President of  Solution Architecture, BB&T
  • Former Director of Digital, Risk and Compliance Leader, Capital One
  • Former Chief Customer Experience Officer, Capital One
  • Former Principal Architect, Citibank
  • Former Vice President of IT Strategy, Citibank


[CNBC] The latest Marriott data breach impacts up to 5.2 million people

Hotel chain Marriott announced that hackers accessed an internal data system that contained the personal information of approximately 5.2 million guests, including names, contact details and addresses.

Emissary Advisors from Marriott:

  • Former Director of IT Delivery
  • Former Vice President of  E-commerce, User Experience
  • Former Vice President of Global Operations
  • Former Vice President Program Management