Are IT Buyers Ready to Buy enterprise tech solution?

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With the U.S. economy expected to decline by 6 percent or more in 2020, it isn’t the easiest time to be in enterprise tech solution sales.

Today, business is at a point of inflection as most economies move into the next phase of response and reopening.

Most economists now expect the economic rebound to be “swoosh-shaped”—a gradual improvement rather than the “V shaped” sharp recovery that was originally anticipated. This may indicate that the current spending environment is likely to remain relatively unchanged. Organizations and buyers have likely achieved the situation that they will be in for some time.

Some indicators are positive; some are negative. And, much is still very uncertain. Where do IT buyers sit amid this change?

To find out, we interviewed 102 senior IT executives responsible for billions of dollars of spending.

While these are unprecedented times, the strong indications are that technology needs are heightened and continue to expand. The challenge for enterprise tech solution providers will be to help their clients rise to these demands within the uncertain contexts of their overall enterprises.

The answer to the original question? Yes. Most IT executives are ready to buy. Download now for four tips from Emissary to help you manage your pipelines carefully and maximize opportunities:


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Leveraging the Emissary network will enable you to shorten your sales cycles, close more deals, and build positive long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects—because you’ve gathered the tacit knowledge on their challenges and needs.


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