account planning

Account Planning

Develop account plans that sharpen your edge for each deal. Figure out which planning tasks make the biggest impact and how to assemble the right research.

Analyzing the Target Account’s Situation

Improve your account selection and forecasting by understanding your prospect’s reality from their point of view.  Sellers must do really good due diligence to ensure that they understand the business and the challenges they are facing before they go into a presentation.

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Find the Business Issues That Matter

Companies don’t advertise what they’re struggling with. You might be able to extrapolate from industry trends, but to close a deal, you need to figure out your target’s business challenges quickly and accurately. Emissary Advisors have been in the prospect’s shoes; they have first-hand experience with the most pressing business issues, helping you find the pain points that are motivating enterprises to buy. You spend less time qualifying and more time resolving your target’s objections and pain points.

Understand the Tech Stack

Large enterprises have complex environments, including legacy systems, hybrid storage, custom applications, and off-the-shelf solutions. Uncovering all the details can take hours of research, but Emissary Advisors have experience with your account’s IT environment, helping you quickly determine how your offering fits. You break free from the research swamp and spend more time in front of prospects.

Define Customer Needs (and Wants)

To determine what your customer needs, you have to understand not just the business issues but how they impact the daily operation and long-term success of the company. It’s almost impossible to put that picture together without someone like an Emissary Advisor, who helps you understand which problems your target urgently wants to solve and the challenges they face in addressing it. With a comprehensive view of the pain points, you can craft the high-value solution buyers are looking for.

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