account based marketing strategy

Account Based Marketing

Power your ABM strategy with insider experience and critical insight from the buyer’s point of view.

Selecting your audience

Leverage data and account knowledge to pinpoint targets with the best chance of success. Providing value-added insight and being proactive to understand what’s happening in the organization can help you identify the right audience for your message.

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Determine Optimal Scope for ABM Resources

In deciding whether to lavish ABM efforts on one, a few, or many targets you need to assess the opportunity for your solution in each case. As former decision-makers in your target industries with extensive technology experience, Emissary Advisors help you weigh deal sizes against the required marketing effort. Their insight helps determine which scope has the highest probability of success so you get the most value for ABM.

Select Accounts Where You Have the Edge

When looking for targets which most closely fit the ideal customer profile (ICP), you need detailed, accurate company data, including the tech stack and buyer personas. Emissary Advisors, as recent veterans of your ABM prospects, share essential information about the most promising opportunities for your solutions. And Emissary Account Briefs will reveal white space to pursue in existing accounts or net new targets.

Find the Right Connections Fast

With today’s complex enterprise deals, you never know where influencers, champions, and gatekeepers are lurking. Even if you have some contacts in an organization, the buying roles may have shifted recently. Emissary Advisors know your target accounts; they’ll help you assemble a reliable profile of buying committees and define personas for the ABM strategy so you can direct content toward the right decision makers.

Set the Priority – Account Expansion or Net New?

ABM is a powerful strategy for expanding within existing accounts, but as more industries are solving problems using advanced technology, you might find fertile ground with new targets. How do you know which to prioritize? Emissary Advisors have experience in the markets you’re eyeing and can help assess whether new targets are ready to buy or current accounts are ready to grow.

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