Check out the account based marketing infographic below to get started with your 2023 ABM strategy or improve your current program. For teams that want a deeper dive into the details and nuances of a top-performing ABM play, find more resources here.

Companies have more money to spend on technology these days, but with larger buying committees and labyrinthine purchasing processes, closing deals fast has remained a challenge. And buyers are demanding more from their vendor relationships than ever. As a result, technology organizations have overwhelmingly turned to account based marketing (ABM) as part of their go-to-market strategy.

ABM is most effective when marketing and sales teams work together and build an ABM strategy with detailed account knowledge, thoughtful planning, and customized engagements. And because ABM takes more budget and time than other marketing strategies, successful programs will follow proven best practices, such as:

  • Selecting the right prospects that match your ideal account profile and have strong potential to buy.
  • Building a broad network of contacts across business and technical units.
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations that demonstrate thought leadership while helping sales craft a solution that buyers will value.
  • Customizing sales assets and outreach.

Effective ABM encompasses many moving parts and relies on multiple resources, which is why Emissary has created the account based marketing infographic below as a high-level guide for technology organizations. The account based marketing infographic outlines four essential steps for implementing ABM. These steps help revenue teams draft or revise their ABM strategies for target accounts in any industry. And the guide highlights the aspects of ABM that Emissary’s independent research has found most effective in engaging buyers and moving deals to close.

ABM account based marketing infographic

Need Help Optimizing Your Team’s Account Based Marketing for Enterprise Tech?

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