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This is the third in a four part series where we look at common account-based marketing (ABM) myths. In this episode of the podcast we seek to better understand how to leverage today’s information technology budgeting process and planning cycles and how marketers and sellers can get, and keep, the attention of key decision-makers during the entire fiscal year. 

Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Special Guest Sara Nunez, an Executive, Enterprise PMO leader in the high tech space.

ABM Myth #3: If Your Solution Isn’t Included in the Information Technology Budgeting Process, It Isn’t Happening

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Conventional wisdom says you work backwards from your account’s fiscal year to plan messaging. But, budgets and the planning processes that precede them are no longer rigid and static constructs. According to Emissary research, a full one-third of major technology purchases (including 30% of purchases $1.5M or more) are happening out-of-cycle.  That’s both good and bad news for marketers and sellers. Missing a budget cycle doesn’t have to be a deal killer.  At the same time, securing a line item in a budget doesn’t guarantee the business either. 


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