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This is the second in a four part series where we look at common account-based marketing (ABM) myths. In this episode of the podcast we learn what executive B2B tech buyers want to hear from marketers and sellers when it comes to ABM email prospecting. Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Special Guest Mike Connly, former CIO of Optum and CTO of United Healthgroup.


ABM Myth 2: ABM Email Prospecting is Dead

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Marketing and sales email response rates have been suffering for years.  After a small respite as business travel died, click-throughs are on the decline again. To understand why, Emissary surveyed hundreds of executives to gain a buyer point of view. Only 6% of tech buyers said they’re willing to respond to a prospecting email. And a notable 31% said they ignore email outreach on principle.  Grim? Yes.  But that means 69% will sometimes respond.

In this podcast, Seleste digs into this research with Mike Connly, former CIO of Optum and CTO of United HealthGroup. Responsible for billions of dollars of spend, Mike was on the receiving end of thousands of prospecting tactics. He shares why some outreach worked and why some ended up unsubscribed.


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Key insights on how to sell to B2B tech buyers and what ABM email messaging they really want to hear from marketers and sellers:

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