how to sell it security

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The IT security space is booming. Find out how to sell IT security solutions and the missteps to avoid in this current environment.

With 2020 projected global spending of more than $100B , boards and senior executives are more tuned in to security than ever before, and security executives are more tightly connected to their companies’ business.

And worldwide trends—such as cloud usage, digital customer interactions, internet of things (IoT) devices, and most recently the push to a remote work environment—are increasing need and sparking conversation.

Yet despite such broad demand, security solutions sales remains challenging. Find out why in this whitepaper.

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The good news for salespeople is that security solutions are in high demand, and increasing numbers of businesses, departments, and functions support the need for greater investment. The bad news is that the industry is enormous and growing by the day in terms of organizations, products, and salespeople. It is hard to stand out in the crowd and earn the access you need to be successful. Avoiding these missteps will increase your chances of breaking through the clutter
and building deeper and more long-lasting client relationships.

Tap into Emissary’s network of CISOs and security advisors. Learn how to sell IT security and avoid these pitfalls by learning more about your target contacts, their accounts, and the industry trends that carry weight with them:


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