Sales enablement functions can serve organizations in multiple ways, from helping to craft the content sales teams need at each point in the funnel to training and coaching individuals. Depending on your objectives, there are some excellent tools and services to help you get there. In celebration of the coming year, we’ve selected the 23 best sales enablement tools for revving up revenue this year and next. 


The Best Sales Enablement Tools for Accessing the Right Content at the Right Time


1 – Highspot 

Highspot helps you consolidate and organize sales content and makes it easier for sellers to find the most impactful information at any point. The tool puts content in the context of each sales play and measures results so pieces can be refined for better conversion.  

2 – Seismic 

The Seismic Enablement Cloud makes it easy to maintain a content library and send relevant media to clients and prospects. It notifies you when content is opened, so you can follow up, learn what engages buyers, and drive sales forward. It also integrates with many common business applications. 

3 – Bigtincan 

Bigtincan’s Content Hub helps organize customer-facing material in a customizable and brandable portal. The software makes it easy to personalize content for individual buyers while securing your messaging. It also tracks what content interests buyers most, so your team can capture the effectiveness of each piece. 

4 – Showpad  

Showpad provides sophisticated content management tools utilizing metadata such as tags, file permissions, compliance settings, user settings, and content divisions. Each salesperson can access content in a hyper-targeted and localized way. Media is organized by topic or persona, so sales can nimbly respond to buyers’ needs.  

5 – Mediafly 

In addition to providing content management, Mediafly Engagement360 helps organizations offer attention-grabbing messaging across the buying journey. The tool lets sales enablement create interactive presentations and animated videos that keep buyers interested. It also helps locate appropriate material for any buying stage and tracks what buyers are responding to.  

6 – SalesHood​ 

SalesHood makes digital selling more effective with tools to publish proven sales content into personalized and branded digital buyer sites. Sales enablement teams can organize media by sales plays to provide the information buyers need at each point in the journey. The system also tracks buyer engagement with each piece of content. 


Best Sales Enablement Tools


The Best Sales Enablement Tools for Onboarding New Reps and Keeping Sales Skills Sharp 


7 – Allego 

Allego’s learning features go beyond traditional courses and quizzes with just-in-time learning and skills practice that helps sales teams translate training and into new behaviors. Learning paths and courses can be personalized, and the system reinforces concepts with adaptive microlearning. 

8 – Ambition 

Ambition combines learning with coaching and metrics so sales enablement and management can track behaviors essential for each role. The tool includes support and priority management for sales reps, providing engagement and encouragement as they work toward goals. Notifications and recognition also keep teams accountable for their progress. 

9 – Brainshark 

Brainshark, which is owned by Bigtincan, helps sales enablement diagnose performance issues and create dynamic, personalized content for reps. It supports new hire onboarding, training, and video coaching for remote teams. And Readiness Scorecards keep track of progress and identify areas that need more work.  

10 – Lessonly 

Lessonly by Seismic aims to fast-track new reps to productivity in as few as 10 days. On-demand exercises are designed to help learners adopt and hone new skills more than twice as fast as traditional approaches. The tool also makes remote coaching easy, so no one falls through the cracks. 

11 – Mindtickle 

Mindtickle not only helps reps learn but also helps managers identify the behaviors most impactful for sales success. It enables coaching based on specific metrics and tracks improvements over time. It also includes conversation intelligence which automatically analyzes sales calls for insights into performance and buyer engagement. 


The Best Sales Enablement Services for Next-Level Training 


12 – Miller Heiman Group/Korn Ferry 

Over the last 40 years, many sales teams have turned to MHG/KF for comprehensive, intensive sales training using a pragmatic, simple teaching method that drives performance. Their research-backed programs focus on sales behaviors and cover everything from onboarding new members to developing hunters and farmers.  

13 – Richardson 

Richardson’s programs concentrate on Sprint Selling, designed to help sales teams become more agile and responsive to the needs of individual buyers and organizations. Sprint-based offerings cover selling, prospecting, negotiations, and coaching. They offer digital, instructor-led, and blended learning.  

14 – ValueSelling 

ValueSelling Associates train teams in the ValueSelling methodology, a framework for realistically assessing opportunities and basing sales actions on the value buyers receive from working with your organization. Training includes real-life scenarios customized to your business objectives. 

15 – Challenger 

The Challenger Sales Methodology derives from research about the habits and skills of highly effective salespeople. The company offers a training and development ecosystem with digital tools, diagnostics, webinars, blogs, and virtual events. Their approach assumes that learning is continuous, and development is essential for retaining high performers. 

16 – Corporate Visions 

Corporate Visions has developed training programs around the buyer’s psychology to help salespeople understand how they assess value and make choices. The training helps sellers use that understanding to better articulate value and drive decisions. The approach is based on original research and scientifically tested solutions.  

17 – RAIN Group 

RAIN Group offers a broad range of training programs from consultative selling to negotiation and coaching. They provide specialized programs for verticals, such as professional services, and all courses are based on their research about the actions and habits that make a difference in finding and closing deals. 

18 – Sandler 

Sandler’s training programs cover topics in sales, management, and leadership, which can be delivered in-person or virtually for maximum flexibility. Training plans are customizable by industry, including call center and channel sales strategies. The company also offers DISC assessments and courses in practical skills such as using Evernote and crafting effective presentations. 

19 – Wilson​ 

With offices around the world, Wilson Learning provides training in multiple languages for local and global organizations. They take an intentional approach to learning with proprietary content, consulting, measurement tools, and customized programs designed to address your organizational goals. 


Best Sales Enablement Tools


The Best Sales Enablement Tools for Coaching the Team to Long-Term Success 


20 – Gong 

Gong’s digital coaching tool is designed to help sales teams adopt the habits of the top performers. Reps can share best practices and effective talk tracks with others while analyzing the play-by-play of their own sales conversations for strengths and weaknesses. 

21 – Chorus  

Chorus uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture and analyze every customer call, meeting, or email and help reps and managers discover how to improve processes or change behavior for better results. Data can be analyzed as an overview, by sales stage, or by win/loss rate. 

22 – Qstream​ 

Qstream provides scientifically proven microlearning to reinforce other training programs and skills development. Each module includes quick, engaging learning challenges delivered during the workday and designed to increase skills retention. Managers stay in touch with real-time reports and dashboards. 

23 – Emissary 

Emissary is a human intelligence network that connects enterprise sales and marketing professionals directly to a community of over 10,000 talented senior and C-level executives with recent experience at their most important accounts. They offer industry, account, and deal-based coaching to focus sellers on buyers’ expectations, speed deals, and develop strong relationships. 

It’s not too early to start planning for a blow-out year in 2023, and whether you’re just getting sales enablement off the ground or you’re expanding into new capabilities, these tools will help make next year your best yet. If you are looking to assess the state of your current program before taking on more tools, you can download our Sales Enablement Assessment. 


Support Sales with Insight-Driven Coaching From Emissary 

Emissary’s human intelligence network provides insight about the people and culture at your most important accounts. Leveraging the Emissary network will enable you to shorten your sales cycles, close more deals, and build positive long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects—because you’ve gathered the tacit knowledge on their challenges and needs.  

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