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Chances are you are now putting the finishing touches on your sales kickoff (SKO) meeting—likely in a virtual format for the first time ever. As you polish your presentations, tweak your timing, and double-check your cohort groups, it is a good time to take a step back from the minutiae and critically examine your nearly- finished product.

In this white paper, we’ll provide you with quick fixes to ensure you’re able to answer ‘yes’ confidently to the below five questions regarding your upcoming SKO:

  1. Is at least one-third of agenda time devoted to customer insights?
  2. Are you equipping sellers with a distinct 2023 story?
  3. Are you maximizing the time spent on development?
  4. Have you created enough opportunity for the people part?
  5. Have you clearly outlined the upcoming journey? The SKO is only the beginning.

If you can’t answer yes to each and every one, download the paper for quick and easy last-minute fixes that will improve your outcomes for the upcoming fiscal year.

Chances are you are breaking a lot of new ground in this year’s SKO. At times, it may feel like you are struggling to create a substitute for your normal event. In reality, it is a whole new experience that will stand on its own, with unique benefits in a unique time.

And don’t forget to keep the momentum going throughout. According to Adam, an Emissary advisor and vice president of business acceleration, it’s a great time to be a seller:

“This is probably the best time to be a seller in history. I’ve never seen a better time. Yes, pipelines will be extended, but I think that they’re also going to be broadened. I think [sellers] are going to have the opportunity to land bigger, better, longer-term, more complex, and more interesting deals over the long-term. You’ve probably lost some of the non-strategic stuff in the short term. But I think there’s far more opportunity ahead than problems behind.”


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