And just like that, 2020 planning has begun. Sales and marketing teams are cracking open their spreadsheets, dusting off their Salesforce reports, and setting their sights on a record-beating 2020. To support our clients’ strategic selling solutions and planning, Emissary has introduced a suite of offerings intended to boost sales and marketing planning and initiatives. Some of the ways our clients leverage Emissary’s Strategic Offerings are ABM strategic sessions, SKOs, keynotes, and on-site account planning deep dives.

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Below, we’ve outlined new ways Emissary Advisors can support our clients onsite with Strategic Offerings. 


SKO Participation 

SKOs are an important and efficient way to educate your entire sales team about your buyer personas and products, but it can be a headache to find clients and experts that know your target buying personas and are available to attend. Who better to give your team an insight into your buyer than someone who has been in the buying seat themselves?

From overall buying trends that are shifting within the industry, to sales tactics that resonate with particular accounts, Emissary Advisors know what buyers are prioritizing and how they’re approaching new (and current) vendors.

Teams Involved

  • Marketing leadership
  • Event marketing teams
  • Field marketing teams
  • Global & regional sales teams
  • Sales leadership
  • Sales enablement teams
  • Sales operations teams

Use Cases

SKO Keynote, Panel, or Q&A
Host an Emissary to give their perspective on what technology buyers are prioritizing on a larger scale in 2020 – and how your team needs to adapt to meet the needs of their buyers.

Executive Alignment and Up-leveling Training
Whether it’s your own executive team or your regional sales teams, your entire organization needs to know how to speak to executive and c-level buyers. Our advisors are experts in teaching sales teams how to up-level the conversation and speak to executive decision makers with authority and build report quickly.

Breakout Sessions
Have an Emissary lead a breakout session at your SKO to help your sales team better understand buying personas and create personalized outreach for their target accounts.


Industry Strategy Sessions

IT priorities in industries like CPG, retail, and financial services are changing, and sales teams need to understand the nuances, regulations, and pain points common in each industry as they evolve.

Many of our clients enlist an Emissary industry expert to host strategic planning and white-boarding sessions. Each session we facilitate is unique to the goals and attendees of the sessions. Participants will walk away with a window into how their buyers think and plan of attack for their target vertical.

Teams Involved:

  • Product marketing teams
  • Marketing leadership
  • Field marketing teams
  • Sales leadership
  • Enterprise account teams

Use Cases

Product Marketing Session
Get your product marketing team together to speak to an Emissary Advisor about how a new product or feature should be rolled out to a particular buyer, company, or line of business. Our advisors can help you to develop custom value propositions and messaging that resonates with your buyer and can help you to stand out from the competition.

Industry Deep Dive
Is CPG an important vertical for you? Leverage one of our top CPG advisors to give your team a deep understanding of how to build an outreach plan that aligns your product offering with the current and future industry challenges.

User Conference Keynote
Bring an Emissary Advisor to your user conference to provide an expert perspective on the state of their industry and how your solution addresses your buyer’s pain points.


Quarterly Business Reviews

As you review your accounts between quarters, you can certainly take a good guess as to what is going on inside each of your accounts, but it’s difficult to find transparency and develop a true understanding of account priorities. 

For your most critical accounts, bring in a true expert that knows the account inside out so that you present an account strategy that resonates with your buyer’s needs.

Teams Involved

  • Sales leadership
  • Sales and account teams
  • Marketing leadership
  • Sales engineers

Use Cases

Account Plans and Outreach Strategies
Understand everything there is to know about your 1-2 priority accounts. An Emissary Advisor can help you to focus on key details that are crucial through the entire funnel – from your first sales pitch to enterprise expansion.

Account Prioritization and Qualification 
Before you kick off a quarter and set your team’s goals, bring in an insider to tell you should be allocating sales resources and focus. Emissary Advisors can help your team to qualify accounts and verticals efficiently and reprioritize opportunities with the highest potential.

Opportunity and Deal Coaching
A QBR is a great time to review open opportunities and pacing for the year. Use an Emissary Advisor to check in on current pipeline so that all deals stay on track.


Long Term Partnerships

Many sales organizations have one or two opportunities each quarter that have the biggest impact on revenue. Given the importance of these strategic opportunities, deal teams need more detailed insights and strategic selling solutions. 

Maintain a deep focus on your highest priorities by retaining an Emissary Advisor for exclusive advising over a period of your choosing.

Teams Involved

  • Sales leadership
  • Account teams
  • Deal teams

Use Cases

Deal Coaching
When it comes to your biggest deals, you need to ensure you’re always one step ahead of your competitors. Leverage an Emissary Advisor for strategic selling solutions to keep a pulse on your target at every sales stage.

Procurement Navigation
The procurement stage can be nuanced and every company does it a little different. Your advisor will walk you through the pricing, proposal, and procurement phases to consistently impress your buyer.