In today’s busy, competitive business environment, it can be difficult to find and contact the best prospects – and then deliver messaging that resonates. With the right sales intelligence tools, you can accelerate and better inform your sales process. Here is an overview of some of the best sales intelligence tools available for enterprise B2B salespeople; including tools that offer buyer intent data, data appending of account and contact information, account intelligence, and executive profile insights. 


Buyer Intent Data to Help Target In-Market Prospects

Buyer intent data is a powerful tool that helps you understand what potential buyers are looking for—so you can target them more effectively. Some of the most popular buyer intent data platforms include TechTarget, Bombora, Kickfire, and Leadsift. These platforms use predictive analytics to collect data from customers’ online activities and interactions with your website or other websites in order to provide insights on their buying behaviors and flag if these behaviors are indicative of being in-market. You can then use this information to create campaigns tailored to each individual buyer’s needs. 


TechTarget’s powerful data-driven marketing services help tech vendors stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape by leveraging purchase intent information from over 140 technology-focused websites. This allows organizations to identify and reach enterprise tech buyers who are already researching relevant IT products and services; providing an opportunity for increased sales success. 


With Bombora, sales and marketing teams gain the essential advantage of understanding which businesses are actively exploring their product offerings. Bombora measures prospects’ digital journey across 5,000+ premium B2B websites, providing invaluable insights into company intent.


KickFire helps organizations boost sales by revealing the true identity of anonymous website visitors. The LIVE Leads platform goes a step further, providing recommended actions into customer intent based on their engagement with websites as they browse. Plus, real-time lead alerts and CRM integration help ensure that businesses capture every opportunity to engage potential customers before it passes them by. 


LeadSift helps sales teams prospect for leads, by allowing them to harness a powerful combination of public data signals from sources such as social media networks and job postings. Users can efficiently pinpoint prospects with buying intent – giving sales team an edge over competitors.


Data Appending of Account & Contact Information 

Data appending is a process used to add missing information about accounts or contacts from various sources such as websites or databases. This type of appending enables companies to build more accurate customer profiles. Popular data append services include ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Data Axle, Dun & Bradstreet, InsideView, Lusha, SalesIntel, and Uplead. These services collect valuable customer demographic insights such as contact names, job titles, email addresses, or phone numbers. This data can then be used to refine your targeting strategy and make sure your campaigns are reaching the right audiences. 


ZoomInfo helps users to uncover key insights into potential customers and craft targeted lists for lead generation. With access to contact information and company profiles, ZoomInfo provides essential data needed for B2B marketing and sales efforts. ZoomInfo’s explosive growth has been fueled by a series of strategic acquisitions over the past two years. With deals like Insent, Dogpatch Advisors, RingLead and Chorus tucked under their belt – plusComparably  more recently- ZoomInfo are now able to provide an even wider range of capabilities in addition to their traditional footprint.


Clearbit utilizes an expansive range of data sources to generate comprehensive marketing intelligence. Their sophisticated platform mines through billions of data points, including legal records, social media profiles, and crowdsourced information – giving businesses the most up-to-date insights available on any given topic or individual.

Data Axle 

Data Axle’s extensive consumer database provides businesses with access to hundreds of data attributes across more than 100 sources, allowing them to craft timely and targeted marketing initiatives. These authoritative resources cover real estate records, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections and bill processing — enabling an accurate snapshot of the modern market landscape.


InsideView is now part of the DemandBase ecosystem as of April 2021.  It provides invaluable insights and data sourced from over 40,000 sources to assist marketing, sales, and operations teams in acquiring better business intelligence. 


Lusha provides sales, marketing and recruiting professionals the power to uncover new leads or find key contact details for job candidates. In a matter of seconds you can access B2B company information from your prospect’s profile on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Recruiter ,Salesforce or any other company website with Lusha’s Chrome extension. They also offer bulk analysis.

Dun & Bradstreet 

Dun & Bradstreet is a leader in the business intelligence and analytics space, utilizing proprietary software as well as its vast global network to provide critical insights tailored to small businesses. From sales and marketing strategies through risk management solutions, D&B offers everything small businesses need for successful data-driven decisions.


SalesIntel’s innovative database helps sales teams make sure potential customers won’t slip away due to bad contact information. SalesIntel info is validated by real human beings for accuracy – users are guaranteed a higher success rate with direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses. 


Account Intelligence 

Account intelligence is a type of software that provides valuable insights into customer accounts so you can better understand their behaviors and interests. Popular account intelligence tools include Emissary, Databook, and Pipeline IQ (all of whom can work together in tandem). These tools provide deep visibility into accounts by collecting real-time data such as purchase history, company size, account intelligence, or industry trends. This kind of insight allows you to get an accurate picture of who your customers are so you can better tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 


With Emissary, you have direct access to a vast network of 12,000 technology buyers who’ve held executive-level positions at your key accounts. This means that your sales team can tap into real people with the latest intelligence on company culture and business priorities in order to fine-tune your account plans and sales approach — all while fostering lasting relationships with clients through an insightful understanding of their needs.


Databook Customer Intelligence Platform accelerates enterprise sales performance with three powerful products: Databook Intent Dashboard, Insights Platform and Sales Decks. These solutions streamline Marketing-to-Sales processes, increase qualified pipeline growth for top-line financial success and enhance the productivity of customer-facing teams within the organization by enabling one-click dynamic content delivery tailored to a personalized experience.

Pipeline IQ 

PipelineIQ provides clients with invaluable access to deep-dive intelligence on global enterprise prospects. These insights equip B2B sales and marketing teams with actionable information that helps them drive success in their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs, improve relationships, and reach growth goals.


Executive Profile Insights

Executive profiles are invaluable resources for salespeople because they provide detailed information about key decision-makers within organizations. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives reps valuable insights into their prospects and leads through custom tags, notes, search capabilities, extended networks visibility and personalized algorithms. This powerful tool enables reps to proactively engage the right decision-makers at the opportune moment for maximum impact.

Boardroom Insiders 

Boardroom Insiders offers more than 30,000 detailed profiles of the US’ top decision-makers. Part of the Altrata suite of tools, clients can uncover powerful relationships and gain insight into their business priorities – providing invaluable opportunities to network with key accounts.

Relationship Science 

RelSci is also part of the Altrata suite of tools and provides insight into 10.5 million influential decision-makers and organizations in all sectors – public, private, financial, and nonprofit alike. You can upload your own contacts to see if additional connections can be made.


Emissary provides key information around identifying decision-makers and building out executive profiling – beyond what is publicly available.  Emissary’s network of 12,000 advisors are able to provide insight into the hidden – but equally important – aspects of how to approach an executive, identify politics in play, determine spheres of influence, and understand the interpersonal dynamics and corporate culture that drive your customer’s decisions. Our clients rely on Emissary Advisors to help them identify people who can move the deal forward most effectively and the roles they play in purchasing decisions.


Leverage Sales Intelligence Tools to Inform Your Sales Process

In order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, salespeople need access to quality sales intelligence tools that will help them quickly identify leads and target them effectively. There are a lot of great sales intelligence tools on the market that can help sales reps close more deals. The best tool for your team will depend on your specific needs. By leveraging these powerful tools—or a combination thereof—you can supercharge your lead generation efforts while also saving time and money in the process!