[Updated in July 2022] With so many ABM companies out there, it can be hard to keep track of each platform’s features, benefits, and shortcomings. Platforms evolve and change rapidly.

There are many companies that offer a full stack of features covering all aspects of account-based marketing.  Others specialize in certain areas like account identification, account intelligence or multi-channel advertising.  Each one offers different specialties and depending on your goals, the best solution for your team may vary.

So who are the key names to know in the ABM space today, and what features do they offer? Here’s an overview of today’s top ABM companies and what you need to know about each.


Today’s ABM market leaders


Best for: Companies looking for a value solution.

Rollworks is feature-rich and continues to grow its capabilities beyond display advertising by expanding account scoring and prioritization. It currently incorporates advertising and SDR emails.  You can build ideal customer profile, target account lists, and key buyers in the system and target and measure.



Best for: Sales and Marketing teams that are tightly aligned and focused on targeting buying groups.

6sense offers a full suite of marketing solutions, and is particularly noted for its analytics and reporting functionality. It integrates with CRM platforms and offers information on intent signals. It offers holistic support to sales, marketing, and operations and customer success teams.



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Best for: Large organizations looking for an all-in-one solution.

Demandbase is easily one of the most comprehensive ABM platforms on the market today. In fact, Forrester singled out the company as the best ABM provider in Q1 of 2022—and you don’t have to squint to see why.

For one, the company is working with one of the largest B2B datasets around. It’s also using AI and machine learning to get a leg up on the competition. Beyond that, it’s one of the only end-to-end platforms and has a proprietary database that’s a veritable murderer’s row of raw information—700 billion page views, 280 million keywords matched to companies, and 14 million company records. 

It continues to grow its capabilities through acquisitions like data providers InsideView and DemandMatrix. 

Demandbase offers what comes closest to being an end-to-end ABM solution, from predictive modeling to audience selection and segmentation, engagement, and analytics, and that all comes at a premium price tag not suitable for small to medium sized businesses.



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Best for: Companies needing a custom fit or looking for a more self-service model.

A more affordable option for organizations not yet ready for an enterprise offering like Demandbase, Terminus offers the ability to upload your existing accounts, target contacts within them by department and level, then track engagement of those accounts on your website. It offers capabilities across advertising, email, and chat.

With closer integration to your CRM and marketing automation systems, the ability to develop account-based campaigns triggered by specific activity, and enhanced dashboarding and analytics, Terminus aspires to be an “ABM Command Center for B2B Marketers” which means a focus on execution first.



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Best for: Companies wanting powerful orchestration capabilities. 

Triblio continues to grow its capabilities with the recent merger of Triblio, Kickfire, and Leadsift, providing additional intelligence, insights and engagement channels.

This ABM platform can help you customize messaging, content, and CTAs by account segments including product interest, content topic interest, firmographics, or funnel stage and allows for dynamic lead scoring.



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Best for: Large global companies with multiple business units or regions

Founded in 2002, MRP looks at ABM not as a marketing gimmick, but rather as a “customer engagement strategy.” They are an enterprise-level solution with the ability to scale.  The idea is that when you have insights into customers’ purchasing history, you can accurately fulfill their business needs and create content they’ll engage with.

When your partner wants you to do the dishes, you can usually get the hint long before they ask you directly. Well, MRP not only does the dishes without being asked, the company also scrubs the baseboards, takes out the trash, and throws in a load of laundry to boot. That’s because MRP specializes in predictive analytics. They know how to find the best targets for your marketing and sales departments, and leverages analytic strengths to generate first-class workflows that will engage prospective clients.  Their native and engagement channel capabilities are very robust.



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Best for: Tech companies

TechTarget proves that not all value comes from shiny new things. Originally known for the “problem solving content” they host on a network of over 150  websites, TechTarget has evolved over 20 years into one of the leading sources of insights around purchase intent based on content consumption and buying behaviors.

They offer a whole slew of services, from market research and custom account based demand gen campaigns, as well as tech-based solutions like their Priority Engine, which promises sellers direct access to potential new accounts interested in their offerings. Their  data at the contact, buying group, and account levels is excellent, but reporting is a weakness cited by customers.



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Best for: Tech Companies targeting Fortune 1000 companies

Emissary falls squarely in the sales intelligence side of ABM; allowing sellers and marketers to gain key account intelligence into potential for the account, identifying decision-makers and buying groups, white space identification and help with navigating the company culture. Their powerful platform provides industry, vertical and company-level exclusive firsthand knowledge about target accounts.


Emerging ABM Companies to watch

The companies above lead the pack of top abm companies, but they’re far from the only players in the space. Platforms like LeanDataJabmo,  Madison Logic are all emerging contenders that occupy various corners of the ABM marketplace. 


Recommended resources for Researching ABM Companies

As mentioned above, the market is changing fast. Here are a handful of evergreen resources we recommend to keep up to date on the ABM marketplace:

Executive insights

With the ever-increasing amount of platforms in the ABM landscape, it’s harder than ever to keep up with who offers what. We’ve distilled the field into the eight key platforms that are relevant to most companies’ needs in order to help you gain a better understanding of their features and shortcomings. Our list of top ABM companies is far from exhaustive, but it’s a great place to start if you’re confused about the dizzying array of ABM platforms out there.