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Easily access critical information about your biggest accounts. Connect with a human who has actually worked there – your Emissary.

Our Emissary community is filled with the best people to guide you


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Emissaries come from the most renowned companies in the world.

Great minds bring great insights—just for you

Who has the real buying power at the company you’re trying to sell into? What’s their current strategy? Who can help push your solution
through? Get the inside truth from your own
personal Emissary.

The decision maker is big on title, so have someone with a matching title when seeking a meeting.
They are creating new roles, and as a result have lots of hidden end-users.
They’re a company with high expectations that dreams big and moves swiftly.
An internal whitepaper by the new CEO has become THE strategy.

Great sales organizations leverage Emissaries to help navigate their top accounts.

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