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Emissary has just released its latest original Snapshot research, surveying 806 executive level tech buyers about their 2022 budgets, business strategies, and tech spend challenges. According to the research, 77% of IT executives received budget hikes and most want to spend quickly. Emissary’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Seleste Lunsford, met with Randy Seidl, founder of Sales Community, to review insights from the study that will help sales teams capture a bigger slice of the larger pie. 

Opportunities are everywhere.

While some industries have increased technology spending significantly, like retail, technology laggards, like healthcare, have seen more modest increases. Still, there’s opportunity within those industries, because they tend to commit to vendors for the long term. 

Most IT tech spend initiatives are coming from the business side.

With business driving the spend, sellers must have a strong grasp of business issues before they discuss their offering. And IT executives rely on sellers to help them connect the dots for decision makers. 

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Technology is driving business, not just saving money.

Technology is no longer just about saving money; it’s also used to create and improve saleable products and consumer experiences. Accordingly, many enterprises are looking for products that help generate revenue.  

Buyers concerns have shifted in response to the pandemic.

With large IT purchases in the post-pandemic environment, buyers are concerned about ensuring security, shoring up lost skill sets, and handling new regulations. Sellers who can ease these pain points will gain more traction with influencers. 

Buyers want better relationships with sellers.

Buyers expect more from sellers today, but few feel like their relationships are improving. They want to work with people who understand the business and the corporate culture, and they prefer messaging that imparts value for them, instead of generic content.  

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Ready to learn more about how your team can take advantage of bigger tech spend? Watch the webinar for discussion on these and related topics. Or grab the Emissary Snapshot report for the detailed survey responses.