Before diving head first into 2021, it’s important you take the time to reflect on your account planning efforts from this past year. What crucial information did you miss in the planning phase? What deals were lost due to a lack of planning and preparation?

Most mature sales functions are adopting formalized account planning, including use of an account planning template to inform and document key insights and actions. The key is to choose an account planning template that fits into your selling environment … And then embed it into your sales culture.

There are numerous choices between home-grown tools, publicly available content, and off-the-shelf options embedded within sales methodologies and technology platforms. Each offers value.

Overwhelmed by all of the options?  We have created a list of the Six Must Haves to look for in an Account Planning Template. Download your copy now of the things to keep in mind as you make your choice.

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To help you ramp your account plans up a notch, and to make sure you’re fully equipped to ask the right questions at the right time, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite account planning templates for 2021.

Find the one that makes the most sense for your 2021 territory and enterprise strategy.


Intercom: Your Sales Team Needs Account Plans

BEST FOR: Strategic Account Managers and Customer Success Managers who are looking for a methodology to get a pulse on top accounts and their unique priorities, decision-makers, and upcoming initiatives. If you’re looking to upsell or renew a big account, this account template can help. 


Engagio: Account Planning Template

BEST FOR: ABM leaders or enterprise sales reps who want to align their organization to create a personalized, relevant, and unique buyer experience. You can’t build a house without a blueprint. You can’t win the Super Bowl without a playbook. And you can’t do ABM without Account Plans.


SalesHacker: Create a Sales Plan That Actually Works

BEST FOR: Those who are new to the account planning game or a pro who likes some hand holding. SalesHacker’s template provides tips and resources throughout the entire document. By providing step by step instructions on how to complete, this template is perfect if you want clear steps and guidance on completing your plan.


HubSpot:A Step-by-Step Strategic Account Plan Template for Shared-Value

BEST FOR: Someone looking for a template that’s more open ended to curate in their own way. HubSpot provides guidance in their template layout while leaving a lot of room for personalization. This is great if your accounts may be a bit off the beaten path or if you’re looking to grow key accounts with your account manager and have a clear structure in mind. 


Fourquadrant: Strategic Account Plan Template

BEST FOR: Someone who’s looking to analyze various opportunities at their target accounts. FourQuadrant’s unique template lays out opportunities into four quadrants by measuring the high & low values provided to the client and to the client’s end consumers. Similar to HubSpot’s template, there is a lot of room to design and execute using your own personal touch. 


Revegy: Sample Account Planning Template

BEST FOR: A team leader looking for consistent account plans amongst their team. Similar to SalesHacker, Revegy provides a rigid template with clear instructions as well as an appendix where each section is filled out to completion. This will allow your team to compile consistent and similar account plans in a structured manner that you can quickly and easily digest. 


Executive Insights

Once you’ve found the template that best aligns with your goals, the next step is ensuring you have the right information to see your plan come to fruition. Emissary advisors can walk through your plans with you and help you to fill in the gaps. From org chart mapping to SWOT analyses and key business initiatives, Emissary advisors hold insider knowledge that will allow you to break into your target accounts and stay a step ahead of your competition from Day 1.