sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Supercharge methodology, sales tools, on-going learning and coaching with business insight. Help sellers work smarter and spend more time on the actions that close deals.

Getting the Most from Sales Methodology

Improve the return on your methodology investment by helping sellers easily and effectively use it – in real-world situations. Be prepared to not oversell the ROI or the term of which the ROI would be achieved and make sure that you are demonstrating you understand the complexities of the business – from the existing IT infrastructure to the cultural differences.

Listen to Emissary Advisor Darren Kraabel, former Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Jacobs Engineering. 


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Focus Methodology on Improving Effectiveness

You’ve provided your team with an array of tools, training, and resources, but they still have a hard time knowing how to use these to impress increasingly demanding buyers. Today’s prospects expect sellers to help them connect with other companies, develop thought leadership, and innovate. As former industry executives, Emissary Advisors have been in your prospect’s place and understand what they need from the sales engagement. Their customized, buyer-centric input drives a practical and effective action plan for success.

Use Planning Tools to Support Smart Strategy

Planning tools, such as call plans, opportunity plans, and account plans, should reflect well-formed strategy, customized for the target. Emissary Advisors can review plans as the “voice of the buyer,” showing you how to align your plans with prospects’ needs and expectations. Your planning tools will more effectively prepare sellers to capture key stakeholders’ attention and close bigger deals.

Fuel Methodology with Sales Intelligence

Decision-makers will respond best to sellers who understand the company culture as well as their personal engagement styles. But sellers often have to figure out cultures and personalities as they go, risking mistakes and miscommunication. Emissary Advisors understand target enterprises and the decision-makers at a deeper level. You can draw on their experience to help your team leverage the right sales support and communicate the right messaging from the first call. With intelligence-fueled methodology, sellers can build credibility and capture buyer attention before competitors do.

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